Cobbler: add a new OS distro

When the latest version of RHEL or CentOS is released, you want to add it to your existing Cobbler setup. If you use the standard command, cobbler import, you will require a very large /var partition to hold more than a few versions of the operating system. If you aren’t careful, you will quickly fill up /var, and it might even hang your system. Consider using the “–available-as” option with “cobbler import”.

First, mount the OS iso:

mount -ro loop rhel-6.X-server-x86_64.iso /mnt/temp

rsync the contents to a partition that has plenty of space, example: /data

Then create a symlink to the default apache shared folder:

ln -s /data/rhel-6.X-server-x86_64 /var/www/html/rhel-6.X-server-x86_64

cobbler import –path=/data/rhel-6.X-server-x86_64 –name=rhel-6.X –arch=x86_64 \ –available-as=

Check at your next ‘cobbler reposync’ to see if rsync is running on this repo. It should not be, unless you want /var to be used.
cobbler distro report

Once everything looks correct, run:

cobbler reposync

Connect the new OS distro to a new profile or system that needs to be built.

cobbler profile edit –name=system1 –distro=rhel-6.X-server-x86_64

cobbler system edit –name=system1 –profile=system1

cobbler sync

Check the url settings in the kickstart file to be used. Then reboot the new system with option “–netboot-enabled=true” set.

After the system has booted, you may want to stop dhcpd, since cobbler sync restarts dhcpd and we have another system that provides the main dhcp services.

service dhcpd stop

Add a RHEL updates repo to Cobbler

# This requires a current subscription to RHEL updates for this system.

cobbler repo add –name=rhel6.X –mirror=rhn://rhel-6-server-x86_64 –breed=yum

Add some other useful repos:

# Get the RedHat “optional” repo

cobbler repo add –mirror=rhn://rhel-x86_64-server-optional-6 –name=optional6

Sync only a specific Cobbler repo:

cobbler reposync –only=optional6