Using Dell SUU (Server Update Utility)

Update RedHat Linux clusters BIOS/firmware with the SUU tool from Dell via the command line.

Latest version is located here. Filenames will be om6*.iso*

Copy the multi-part files (iso.001, iso.002, iso.003) into one folder,  then create the iso, for example:

cat om* > om651_suu_a00.iso

Some dependencies are required for using this tool.

Java(JDK) – download self-extracting for 64-bit Linux here (as of the time of this writing)

In this example, we’ll put java in /opt/.

chmod +x jdk-*.bin; sh jdk-6u26-linux-x64.bin
ln -s /opt/jdk-(version) /opt/jdk

When you try to execute SUU on a 64-bit RHEL operating system, it fails to execute since SUU is a 32-bit application.

To work around this issue, manually install the following RPMs:

yum -y install glibc.i686 compat-libstdc++.i686 libstdc++.i686 zlib.i686 libxml2.i686 libXp.i686 libXtst.i686 ncurses-libs pam.i686 procmail

or you may need to refer to the packages as i386 instead:

yum -y install glibc.i386 compat-libstdc++.i386 libstdc++.i386 zlib.i386 libxml2.i386 libXp.i386 libXtst.i386 ncurses-libs pam.i386 procmail

Run the tool:

Check for available firmware, BIOS updates:

suu -c

Run the updates and show progress

suu -u -p

Reboot after successful update to apply changes.

Latest as of Jan 2012 is OMSA 6.5.2, and it wasn’t easy to find:

OMSA SUU 6.5.3 is, at least for a limited time, located at: