Serial console connection Mac OSX to Netapp

How to connect your Mac OS X laptop to a Netapp Filer’s serial console for initial system configuration.

Using the KeySpan USB-to-Serial adapter, you can still use your Mac to connect to a serial connection.  No longer will you have to get out that old loaner laptop just to use its serial port.

It costs around $50, but it is worth the cost.

This example was done when setting up a new Netapp Filer out of the box.

1. First, download the KeySpan .pkg driver for Mac. One link is here:

Install the driver and reboot your Mac.

2. Connect the KeySpan adapter to the Mac USB port.

Open the KeySpan Serial Assistant to confirm that the driver is installed. You can also confirm by looking in System Preferences, Network, and you should see some new devices. Usually the Mac will notify you that two new devices have  been installed for the serial adapter.

3. Next, download ZTerm from here:

Install and open ZTerm.  You should be asked which device to use: select KeySerial1.

Configure ZTerm settings under the Settings menu. From the page (which requires a login):

  • Speed: 9600
  • Databits: 8
  • Stop bits: 1
  • Parity: None
  • Flow control: Hardware or none

4. Once you have the settings right, you should be connected immediately.  The Netapp console should come up with a prompt.  Type ‘setup’ and you will begin the setup wizard to configure hostname, network, and other parameters.

At some point after configuring networking, you will receive a message that you can continue the setup wizard via the web assistant. You may then choose to type Control-C to exit the wizard, and optionally Control-D to disconnect the serial session.

Before you exit the serial session, set ‘options trusted.hosts’ on the serial connection to allow desired IP addresses which will get to connect to FilerView. Example:

options trusted.hosts