LinuxWorld Expo 2008

I will be attending the LinuxWorld Expo 2008 in San Francisco. There are too many interesting things to see! I wish they had some kind of guide on how to make the most of the event.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Xen HA Virtualization, Linux Server Performance monitoring, and the status of Linux on the Desktop. I saw an ad today by Novell claiming that they are ready to be an alternative for Windows Vista; we’ll see about that. I hope they achieve that.

One very interesting project “Untangle”: at the conference: hundreds of attendees will volunteer:

“Untangle will be organizing a massive installfest to donate open source (Ubuntu) computers to schools in need. It is a great opportunity to get computers to children that have little or no technology access…”

Stay tuned to find out more.


August 5th, 2008 – It’s a cold, misty day in San Francisco (63 degrees) and there are quite a good number of attendees here at LinuxWorld. Attended an interesting talk from Randall Spratt of McKesson about the value of Linux in the Healthcare IT world. Yesterday’s seminars were excellent – on Linux performance monitoring, and virtualization with Highly Available clustering. The presenters are very well prepared so far. Lots more to see…


August 12th, 2008: The conference was a success. Looking back, the most important parts for me were the Linux server troubleshooting/monitoring sessions. Here are some other highlights from sessions that were interesting to me:

Puppet server management – Central management tool for unix servers. Takes care of package installs, with individual syntax, for each unix platform. Written in Ruby. Presentation was by the writer, Luke Kanies

Session: Managing, Monitoring, and Scaling IT Environments:

Groundwork Open Source Solutions provides a web tool to monitor enterprise systems and report on server performance, keeping history in mysql db. Nagios monitoring is integrated into this product.

SarCheck Unix/Linux Performance Tuning – Analyzes your system for possible bottlenecks: memory shortages, disk load, CPU, runaway processes, and tells you how to correct them. By: Aptitune Corporation

Likewise: open source enterprise solution to Active Directory authentication for Linux, Unix, Mac. Implements single sign-on for ssh and PuTTy.

Zmanda/Amanda open source backup software: centralized backup for Linux, Solaris, Windows, Mac

Calendaring Solutions:

Zimbra Server/Collaboration Suite: – Flash demo

OBM Open Business Management – GPL Enterprise-class e-mail and groupware solution

Unison – unified communications system: e-mail, PBX/telephony, instant messaging, calendar, antispam, web-based administration, integrated server monitoring, LDAP